What to wear when you meet Marie Kondo (or: tips on packing a suitcase with KonMari™ method)

When I think about it, there are few times in your career that are significant. This weekend is going to be one of those time for me.

“Life changing magic of tidying” is magic

I finally reach the point where I found my passion in life. I will help people tidy their house, life and help them to live only with the things that make them happy and spark joy. 

I will meet Marie Kondo in London on Friday and this requires packing the best of my wardrobe (that wouldn’t be so difficult, as I have only clothes that spark joy for me). The difficult part, though, will be to choose among my sparking joy garments, only 3 outfits, as the seminar is a three days event..

What to wear when you meet Marie Kondo

The dress code requirements I got from the KonMari team advised that the certification course would be an opportunity to test my consultant “uniforms”, hence, outfits that are professional, polished, authentic to me, and most of all, that spark joy. 

I thought it’s an opportunity for me to buy a suit, but while trying it I felt that its not authentic to me at all! I have all that spark joy for me in my wardrobe. So I planned what to wear and started to pack.

How to pack a suitcase with the KonMari method:

Packing a suitcase for business or leisure trips follows the same basic principals as those for storage in the home. clothes should be folded and packed upright. pack small things such as underwear in travel pouch, and transfer lotion and toiletries into smaller bottles to reduce volume.

Marie Kondo

I always transfer my facial cleanser, hair serum and shampoo to Muji travel refill bottles. 


I keep my underwear in fabric bags I used to get when I purchased swimming suit and shoes from Cos.
If you are using a bra that has cups, never flatten the cups. You should pack them on top. If you are wearing soft bras, you may fold them and pack them upright in the fabric bag, together with the knickers and socks. 

The same goes for my shoes

You can use this bag if you take your shoes on holiday.

The clothes

They should be folded and packed upright, like in your wardrobe. Jackets should be lay flat.

The suitcase

Place all your belonging upright inside your suitcase. This, by the way, will make unpacking so much fun.

Last but not least

I always carry in my suitcase a nice big fabric bag for my laundry. I treat my clothes nice, even when they are dirty.

Next: London

Marie Kondo, me and another 96 women from all around the world in a weekend that will spark you.

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