The KonMari™ experience
The Book that put it altogether

Marie kondo came into my life only recently. As a very tidy person I never felt the need to read her book. However,  when I saw that I can become a KonMari™ consultant I read her book “The life changing magic of tiding up” and I realized how much it all made sense to me.

In her book the following sentence caught my eye:  

“keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge to discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on new lifestyle.”

Marie Kondo

 The KonMari method is not about what you should throw. It is about what you should keep. BUT – you should start by discarding before you move to the next task. 

Discard first

The process of deciding what to keep can be the easy for some people, but when it comes to deciding what to discard, this might be very difficult, as some of us can’t let go of things (not just sentimental items like photos and gifts). Some people will not want to give a way clothes that they didn’t wear for a long time just because they might want to wear it again one day, or thinking it’s a pity to throw away a nice expensive dress or a suit. With this way of thinking they won’t be able to let go of things.

I guess there is a reason why you don’t wear that specific item. it doesn’t spark joy for you when you touch it.     

Keep only the things that spark joy.

This is what Marie kondo is all about – embarking into a new lifestyle. It’s not just folding your shirts and arranging your wardrobe. Its a lifestyle  

My new journey

I was so influenced by this book and when I realized how much I apply this method naturally in my house, I decided to learn more about it to be able to teach people how to live that way, so I registered to Marie Kondo seminar to become her certified consultant. 

This is my lifestyle and this is what MinimalistMe is all about.

If you want this lifestyle read the best tips I learned from her book and sign up to read more about the journey of becoming KonMari consultant in the  seminar I will attend in April 2019.

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I am a visual content creator and certified KonMari™ consultant. MinimalistMe is my visual world where I inspire you to curate your own tidy & minimalist living.

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