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“Putting your house in order is fun. All You need to do is follow the right order. Start with clothes, then move on to books, papers, miscellaneous items (komono) and finally things with sentimental value. By starting with the easy things first and leaving the hardest till last you can gradually hone your decision – making skills so that’s by the end it seems simple”.

Marie Kondo
The first category

When it comes to decluttering your house, you should start with your clothes. This is the first category. 

Start by collecting all your clothes from all over the house. Place it all on top of your bed in a pile. you will be overwhelmed from the amount of clothes you posses.

The next stage is to start holding each item in both of your hands. look at it and ask yourself: “Does it spark joy”?if the answer is no, simply place it in the discarding pile. If the answer is yes, if this item really thrills you, place it on the “to keep” pile. After you’ve went through all your items, one by one, you move to the next stage – folding. 

I am a very tidy person by nature and my drawers and shelves were never cluttered. Inside one of my shirts drawers in my dresser all the shirts were folded nicely one on top of the other. But this way I could never really see all the shirts I had. This is why Konmari method makes so much sense. 

Folding the shirts with Konmari method not only enabled me to see all that I have, it also created more space ! 

If you don’t have many drawers

This folding method works great even if your wardrobe doesn’t have many drawers. I place the shirts vertically one beside the other. If it’s folded in the right way it will not fall! In this way it’s also very easy the take out the shirt you want without cluttering your wardrobe by pulling one shirt under a pile of shirts. 

What about dresses, for instance?

“Hang only those items that look happier when hung”.

Marie Kondo

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Need help?

Feel like you can’t do it by your own and need help to declutter? Check my services as KonMari professional organizer after the seminar I will attend in April 2019. 

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