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We are home and we are about to spend a lot of time there. Why don’t you try to take advantage of the situation and declutter you home?


Taking good care of your things leads to taking good care of yourself.

Marie Kondo
First category: clothes
The clothes are the first category in the KonMari method™. 

Start by collecting all your clothes (yours only) from all over the house. Coats from the entrance and maternity clothes from the storage room. It’s important to collect all the garments from every corner of the house, as the basic rule of the KonMari method is to tidy by category and not location. Collect all your clothes from the wardrobe and place them on your bed, one on top of the other, creating a pile.

The Pile

The pile makes you realise how much you own. Sometimes its overwhelming to stand in front of it. But this way you will handle the items one by one and do the joy check.


Take each item in your hands, ask herself “does it spark joy”? If the answer is a clear yes, place it in the “to keep pile”. If it was a “no”, it goes to the discarding (donating) pile, but only after you say “thank you” to each item she discarded. Along the process you will find few items that you won’t be a able to decide, as you might want to try them on. For now kept it a side on the “to try pile”. After you will handle each item, it will be the time to collect all the items that no longer spark joy for you and place them in bags. 

These days it might be impossible to go out of home to donate those bags full of clothes. For now keep them in a storage room if possible.

Folding before storing
First hang all the clothes that look happier being hung, for instance dresses, jackets and shirts from light fabric like silk. Then start folding all the rest of the clothes (with the KonMari folding method of course. Want to learn how? check my “How to fold” highlight on my Instagram ) and placed them on the bed, like with like (pants with pants, T-shirts with T-shirts etc) before sorting them in the wardrobe.  
Now the fun part begins!

Place your clothes in your wardrobe, taking in considiration your needs, sorting the clothes like with like.

Before & After
Doesn’t this wardrobe spark so much joy?

Need more guidance? Feel free to contact me so I can help you in your own KonMari journey!

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