How to fold thick garments

Yesterday I went for my daily run with my dog Drogo. Only this time I went out at 15:30 which is unusual for me as this time of the day is already dark and I like to run in a day light.

Spring is in the air

Its 5°C outside and I feel the spring in the air. The lake is still a bit frozen, still no sign of blooming, but there is no snow ,the sky is blue and there is light!!!
While running I realize that tomorrow it’s the official first day of spring  – time to fold the thick heavy sweaters, fleece,  jumpers and other thick garments. 

Some of you might think I’m crazy. How can I store warm thick clothes when it’s 5 degrees outside. But let me put it this way: after months and months of minus degrees and darkness, 5 degrees together with the sun feels so good! 

How to fold thick garments so they will stand

This is the beige sweater I bought at H&M concept store. In second thought, I think I will not store it for off-season yet (as it’s my favorite sweater and it can still snow here and there). 

Fold the garment loosely as they expand with air anyway. If you want to store them for the off-season you can use tight fitting bag because half of the volume is air. In case you have enough storage space leave them standing up on the shelf or inside a drawer but if they won’t stay up, just lay them down.  

If you see that the garment is too thick and won’t really fold no matter what you do, I guess it will look happier being hung.

Try it yourself

Please leave here a comment to let me know how it worked for you and subscribe for further tips.

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